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Phoenix Staffing provides temporary and fixed staffing solutions to the hospitality, nightlife, festival and events industries. Our staff are hand picked and trained to ensure that we deliver high-quality, reliable, positive results and we invest in the recruitment, training and development of our team as part of our commitment to providing passionate people who provide excellent value for money and bring brands and events to life.

Staff we are able to provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Up-selling shot staff – Strong sales agents, who maximise revenue and are guaranteed to increase profitability and customer experience.
  • Entertainment – Captivate your customers with a range of entertainers available including stilt walkers, fire breathers, dancers and  themed actors.
  • Brand ambassadors – Need help reaching a wider audience or increasing footfall? We can provide staff to distribute in all areas.
  • Bar and waiting staff – With experience in everything from bars and restaurants to corporate gatherings and hotels , our team delivers the highest quality service with a smile.
  • Hosts & hostesses – Experienced hosts and hostesses available with strong customer service skills and ability to manage seating plans etc.
  • Also available: Festival staff, Mixologists, Security Promotional staff, Telephone sales executives , Experiential marketing and more…!

We are committed to securing client and customer trust as well as working flexibly and creating solutions based on the specific requirements of each booking and are able to work with a range of budgets and requirements.

We are also able to hep increase revenue via our Up selling shot service and our clients typically see an annual increase of 30 – 100k with the added bonus of creating impeccable customer service and experience!  If this interests you please get in touch so we can discuss your particular needs further.

For more information or to book one of our staffing solutions, please visit our website www.phoenixgroup.global or call the team on 0208 058 6837 or email bookings@phoenixstaffing.co.uk